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Welcome to Deckpoint Studio Blog! We have been working on our card-game RPG Luckless Seven for nearly 7 years now. Send help.


Dev Diary #5: Demo Up On IndieDB

Hey guys. We just uploaded our demo on Indiedb. Go play it! The current demo is a random draft for the arcade mode of our game. Arcade...

Dev Diary #4: Physical Cards Are In!

We've go something cool to show today. Last morning, the physical cards of our game arrived! There are a total of 72 cards in the deck:...

Dev Diary #3: Pazaak and Luckless Seven

As many of you may be asking, "is this game exactly like Pazaak?" For the most part, the game plays exactly like Pazaak. A random card...

Dev Diary #2: New Animations!

Hello everyone. This week, we have some shiny new animations to show you. We spent a lot of time polishing the visual design of the...

Dev Diary #1: New Cards!

Hello everyone! We are very pleased to reveal that we have shiny new skins for our cards. The first set of cards were placeholders...


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