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Dev Diary #2: New Animations!

Hello everyone. This week, we have some shiny new animations to show you. We spent a lot of time polishing the visual design of the battle screen. We've added some light effects that occur once a card is placed onto the field. Some more subtle animations were added as well, such as the "breathing" effects for the score markers.

As you may know, the screenshots of the alpha build made the board seem very static. We've now added many of the animation effects that will occur during a battle. The full battle screen and a short segment of a battle can be seen in the last in the following gifs.

Caption: The color of the cards will be an important indicator of what the card does. Some cards are multicolored and will two different effects.

Caption: Light-up animation when a player wins a round.

Caption: Pulsing animation for the score marker:

Caption: Light animation that activates when a card is played:

Caption: A segment of a game being played:

Caption: Another short snippet of the game being played. In this case, the player was lucky and did not have to use any of his hand cards since the 6 cards he was dealt added to 20.



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