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Dev Diary #11: New Visuals in Alpha 0.150

Updated: Jul 14, 2020

Hello friends! We've recently added a new alpha version to Indiedb. Luckless Seven alpha 0.150 is our biggest addition yet to the game and contains a host of bug fixes and new features. For those of you that have diligently following our releases, you may discover that the latest version makes the tutorial section completely playable!

Caption: Hurray for no game-breaking bugs (probably)!

This latest version includes several visual indicators that provide more information about player states. We now have animations for whose turn it or when a person is standing.

Caption: Animation for the active player's turn.

Caption: Animation for when a player is standing. After several weeks of planning and designing, we finally have our score screen completed.

In the coming weeks, we'll be showing you our updated conversation system, more screenshots of our open world, and more game modes for arcade play. See you then!



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