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Dev Diary #65: Grand Voyage

Hey everyone, your boys at Deckpoint Studio are here to deliver a cool update as we enjoy our last days of Summer and head into the Fall. We’ve been working hard on finishing some of the final environments of the game, and we have some new areas to show off!

Caption: New concept art of Mark's bedroom at home.

As you may know, the cruise ship is one of the final areas the player will be exploring. Not to give too many spoilers, but Mark isn’t exactly here for pleasure. The main antagonist of the game, the Mint family, has a big presence here. Some of the toughest opponents you will face will be encountered on the ship.

Most of the work we’ve shown before in our previous Dev Diary #64: Clear Skies Ahead was showcasing the outer areas of the ship. Below you can see some of the interior rooms

Caption: Mark's cabin room for his stay on this luxury cruise ship.

Caption: Cruise ship hallway and rooms.

Caption: The tournament card game Ekosi will take place on the floors above.

As with most things where the Mint family is concerned, we wanted to convey the grand and decadent aesthetic that has been a core part of their buildings and other property. I mean, just look at how spacious those cabin rooms are!

Caption: Someone left the shower on!

Caption: Each cabin room on this cruise ship has its own private deck for those wanting to soak up the sun.

Once all the areas for the ship are complete, we just have a couple of minor environmental pieces to complete. Thank you for continuing to follow us as we march slowly but surely towards finishing the major parts of Luckless Seven.. One thing that we HAVE crossed the finish line already is the soundtrack. If you haven’t been keeping up to date, you can listen to almost all the tracks for Luckless Seven on our composer’s SoundCloud!

That’ll be all for now - thanks for reading and stay safe out there!




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