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Dev Diary #64: Clear Skies Ahead

Hello everyone, and welcome to another hot update for all things Luckless Seven.

Continuing our efforts to expand the artwork showcasing the world of Luckless Seven, we have a new scene in development showcasing our favorite party members Bertrand and Jamie standing in front of the Amethyst Casino. It's been a couple of months since we released our previous Dev Log #63.

Caption: New wallpaper for Luckless Seven featuring Jamie and Bertrand at Amethyst Casino.

We really feel that the Amethyst area is one of our showcase environments, and we’re really excited to see it brought to life outside of the game. We are also working on showcasing some more slice-of-life scenes with close-ups of some of the characters going about their lives. We hope to have more to share soon.

On the game development side, things are proceeding nicely on some of the last remaining areas the player will visit. One of these areas will be a grand cruise ship!

Caption: New cruise ship for the next part of the tournament! TO THE SEA!

Caption: Palm trees on a boat? Oh yes!

Although everything looks bright and sunny on this ship, let’s just say Mark isn’t here to soak in the pool. Some of the most difficult opponents in the game will be encountered here, and the main story will be at one of its most tense points here.

Caption: Come relax on the Mint Cruise Liner.

While we are on the topic of finishing certain parts of the game, our soundtrack is also nearing its completion. Our talented composer Brandon has released what has already become one of our favorite additions to the soundtrack. You can probably guess where this piece will play during the game - let’s just say it contains elements of many of our previous tracks.

Caption: Updated version of the concept art and wallpaper from the previous devlog.

Caption: Come visit the Amethyst Casino and check out the Pure Ekosi card shop.

Be sure to check some of the other Luckless Seven tracks (of which there are many) while you are on his SoundCloud!

That’s a wrap for now. Thanks for reading and stay safe out there!




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