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Dev Diary #63: Warming Up

Hello everyone, your friends from Deckpoint Studio are back and here to warm you up with some hot updates for Luckless Seven.

Caption: New wallpaper and concept art for Luckless Seven.

It’s been a busy winter for everyone on the team. In spite of the intense cold, mounds of snow, and trying to keep friends and family healthy, progress has been made on many of the goals we had set for the past year. Besides continuing work on finishing the soundtrack (which has grown to a monumental size now), we’ve wanted to make revamps to the UI and have more artwork to provide another view of our environments. Lastly, it's been a hot second since we released Dev Diary #62: Looking Fresh.

Caption: So many many dialogues to investigate and so many choices.

As you may have remembered from one of last year’s posts, we wanted to add some environmental art to help immerse the player into the world of Luckless Seven. Although we have not managed to complete all the pieces we want, the blueprints are ready for some additional scenes to add to our existing wallpaper art. These pieces are meant to add another perspective to the environments and people you will come across on your journey.

Caption: Dialogue system in Luckless Seven with new Mark portraits.

We’ve also been making progress on finishing up all the character portraits we need to finish the story. Almost every major character so far has their portrait set completed. The latest addition to our arsenal of character portraits is Captain Ron and Tyler, two of our favorite new characters being introduced in the game.

Caption: Say hello to new characters Captain Ron and Mini Tyler.

Our next goals are to finish the soundtrack (which will most likely be completed after another couple of tracks), wrap up some additional character portraits, and continue to add more environmental art.

Caption: Dialogue system in Luckless Seven.

Thank you everyone for the support you’ve given over the years. We know that due to the pandemic and severe winter we’re having, things are pretty tough all around. Everyone here hopes that you are staying warm and healthy.

Until next time,




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