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Dev Diary #56: Time For Change

I think it’s time for a change.

More specifically, I mean a change in the time of day.

For Neropolis City, we have been working on a small day/night cycle for the new environments in the area. Since players will be spending a much longer time in Neropolis compared to the last city, we wanted to explicitly show the passage of time.

Caption: More about Sunset Environments and Dialogue UI Prototypes Below!

Caption: Battle famous Ekosi celebrities and take the tournament to the next level in Neropolis!

Caption: If you haven't already, please Follow and Wishlist Luckless Seven on Steam!

Caption: Demo recently updated ~25 days ago with many many bug fixes and a giant UI upgrade to the dialogue system. This approximately 2.5-8 hour demo can be downloaded and played on SteamIndieDBGameJolt, and! For Windows 32-bit & 64-bit, MacOSX (Universal), and Linux (Universal).

We now have a sunset version for every outdoor area in Neropolis. Water is very abundant around Neropolis, and the changing reflections make for a very different vibe!

Caption: Higher quality GIF of the first image.

Caption: Version 1: Accidental Kool-Aid River.

Caption: Version 2: Accidental Fanta Sea. Thank you so much to r/indiegames for the detailed, constructive feedback on our sunset environments.

Caption: Version 3: Might need a bit more color. What do you think? (The water and foam are more transparent and water reflections are pink)

Overall, we’re really happy with how the water is looking in the sunset scenes. The design of the city provides us with a good opportunity to show off the game’s lighting and water effects. We’ll be taking another pass at the reflections to make the water look a bit less uniformly orange.

Caption: In our last update "Dev Diary #55: The Write Stuff" we showed off this very work-in-progress animation. For those who guessed, it is a new walking animation! This new walking animation is only used in certain story segments.

Caption: What happens in the story to use this new walking animation?! Well, you'll just have to play to find out! ;]

But the tides aren’t the only thing changing. In the near future, we have plans to do a revamp on our UI. The graphics for our environments have improved over the years, but we still have some legacy UI that was created back in 2014/2015 (wow, it’s been a long time!). We want an interface as polished as the world. But it’s not just appearances: these changes will also lead to better performance. We should have a lot more to share with you in the coming devlogs.

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Caption: New dialog UI Prototype that we're working on. This will enlarge/fullscreen the talking character. We are very likely to move the smaller portraits around and also shift the response/choice menu so there is no overlap.

As always, if you have any questions about how we tell the story, leave us a comment or join the conversation in our L7 Discord! We love questions and feedback.

Until next time,



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Written by Jonathan Lee, Edited by Tyler Clementi, Pictures by Jesse Kooner



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