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Dev Diary #46: Saving The Day

Hi everyone,

Tyler here again from the Deckpoint Studio team. This week, I’m writing to give the good news about the release of a very important game feature: manual saves!

Now, I don’t have to sell anyone on the virtues of a medium standard. But if I did, it would go something like this:

  • Uncertain about the next story decision and want to secure a place you can jump back to if things go awry? Now you can!

  • Want to go wild with a deck with only negative-7 cards while also being able to jump back to your more traditional strategy? Now you can!

Caption: New load menu.

But again, you already know the benefits of manual saving and loading! Of course, autosaving will carry on in the background when you load a new area. But now you can set your own anchors in the past. Players will be able to interact with all their manual saves and, by default, the three most recent autosaves. For players that want to reach further back, all autosaves are available with the check of a box.

Caption: Literally hundreds of autosaves. We got you covered.

Here’s how it works. Click on the phone icon in the bottom right of the screen to bring up Mark’s phone (the menu). In the bottom-left corner, select the “Save & Load” option. This brings up a screen with two tabs, predictably “Save” and “Load.” From the Save tab, you can create new save files and overwrite others. From the Load tab, you can load from your previous saves.

Caption: "Save" screen. Create new manual saves or overwrite previous ones.

Caption: "Load" screen.

Saves are labelled with the current “Day,” a timestamp from the last save, Mark’s location, and Mark’s current currency. Of course, all Ekosi deck and story data is included in your save file too. Who says you can’t repeat the past?

In addition to preparing this important feature, we’ve made some fixes to Day 4’s Campfire dialogue, eliminated some bugs along the Day 4 trail, and upgraded and added more dialogue to Day 1.

Caption: Never lose with the ability to return to your saves from a simpler time!

Caption: Our changes to Day 1's dialogue emphasized sharing new information about the world and entertaining the player.

Going forward, the release of the manual save feature allows us to transfer focus to developing the new areas and storylines for Neropolis, the second of three main hubs in Luckless Seven. For more details on what we’ll be building, you can review our last update on Making Arithia.

I always say it, and this time’s no different: we couldn’t have gotten this far without your support. The updated demo with our new manual save feature is now available via Steam. Give it a spin, and let us know how you’ve used it -- and especially if you encounter any bugs!

Thanks as always,


Download the demo on IndieDB. Download the demo on Steam.



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