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Dev Diary #44: Campfire

Hello everyone!

Tyler here from the Luckless Seven crew. I’m writing today to announce another playable release: a campfire conversation on the trail between Mark’s hometown of Patrida and his tournament destination of Neropolis.

Caption: Mark and company sit down to discuss the adventure so far.

Not every day in Luckless Seven has a night, but Day 4 long has; since outlining the game’s narrative, we have planned to include this reflective conversation between Mark and his companions. Our team has internally referred to it as Day 4.5, and it’s the first of two campfire conversations that the Luckless Seven cast will partake in on their competitive journey across Arithia.

Caption: It's been a long journey to reach this point.

A lot has happened at this point in the game. Mark has been surprised with the opportunity to forego his obligations at home and reclaim his repressed passion for Ekosi. He’s connected with friends old and new. Importantly, he’s already made a number of choices along the way. For our team, the campfire dialogues present an important opportunity to reap what the player has sown. Dialogue with the cast of Luckless Seven will provide alternate perspectives on Mark’s choices both within and outside the group.

Caption: Mark's companions will reflect on his previous choices.

After Day 4, a relatively grand and Ekosi-filled segment of the game, we think the campfire dialogue will present players with an opportunity to pause and reflect. Although we’re emphasizing reflection and calm, don’t think that this dialogue will be without new choices or variety. Having written it, I can assure you: it’s a complex beast.

Caption: A behind-the-scenes look at the branching campfire dialogue.

As always, the new gameplay experience is not alone. Jesse has reliably improved and updated many of the technical aspects of the game since the initial release of Day 4. Here are some of the changes:

  • Improved animations for most characters.

  • Improved pathfinding and increased Krista run speed along Day 4’s trail.

  • Removed a game fail state that could occur if the player exited the game mid-dialogue after an Ekosi battle.

  • Major fixes to the mini-map. Removed false quest arrows that wouldn’t disappear.

  • Made loading screens smoother and added a fade-in effect to Day 4.

  • Added environmental, ambient sound effects to Day 4.

Caption: Jamie: Yeah, I thought it was nice too.

Caption: Krista: Well, we'll find out tomorrow who our opponents are. Hopefully nothing too dramatic so soon.

This update provides our most ambitious dialogue scene to date, so we’re excited to hear your thoughts. Day 4.5 marks the end of the open/public alpha. We’ll still update the public demo, but Day 5 and future gameplay segments will be released via Steam only to our Kickstarter backers. Thanks for reading, and let us know your thoughts!

Download the demo on IndieDB

Download the demo on Steam



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