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Dev Diary #35: Day 3 Released

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

Hello everyone!

Today, we’re happy to announce the release of a new demo that allows you to take control of Day 3 in the Luckless Seven adventure!

Caption: The drama begins early on Day 3.

Caption: Managing relationships is tricky.

In Day 3, the story continues with the first tournament matches for Jamie, Jacob, Bertrand, and Mark. Upon arriving at the casino, Mark learns it will be a long day of balancing his own competitive goals with the constant drama of his friends’ reunion.

Day 3 offers upwards of 45 minutes of new gameplay--unless you rush past all of my dialogue, of course! New quests will introduce you to both the seedier and goofier characters orbiting around Arithia’s competitive gambling scene, but that’s not all you can expect.

Caption: Not everyone plays by the rules.

Musical rearrangements have been made to strike the exact moods we’re looking for in each area. As always, we’ve got new characters and portraits to flesh out the social world of Arithia. And, beyond that, we’ve added additional portraits of some of the Luckless Seven crew to better reflect their diverse personalities and moods.

Caption: Expect new opponents on Day 3.

Caption: This dawdling dad takes part in one of Day 3’s lighthearted side quests.

Caption: Bertrand’s wide array of negative emotions shines through in his new portraits.

Additionally, a number of user interface changes have been introduced to improve your experience in play. We’ve added a typewriter effect to text to make our dialogue system as smooth as possible. We’ve made small improvements to Mark’s pathfinding. There were also many bug fixes to make the world more coherent and the gameplay more refined.

You can download Demo 0.650 at our IndieDB page.

As always, we welcome your feedback. We’ll continue to refine Day 3 as we begin work on revisions to Day 1 and we turn our attention to Day 4. Keep an eye on our IndieDB page for updated demos, as we’ll only be announcing major releases (new days) in our Kickstarter posts. Until next time, -Tyler



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