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Dev Diary #33: Day 2 Released

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

Hello, everyone!

Today, we’re happy to announce the release of a new demo that opens up new areas and allows you to experience Day 2 of Mark’s adventure. 

Caption: Full cast of main characters from Luckless Seven

In Day 2, Mark’s story continues with his first step into the competitive Ekosi world. After committing to join Krista and company on the competitive tour, Mark is finally reunited with the full Luckless Seven crew. After a tumultuous reunion, the group departs for the casino, where Mark prepares himself for the tournament.

Caption: New areas to explore

Day 2 offers approximately 45 minutes of new gameplay, depending on your skill and luck. You’ll get to see plenty of new dialogue that fleshes out the main cast. You can explore new environments, battle new opponents, and make meaningful story choices.

Caption: New characters and quests

We’re very excited about Day 2 because it introduces several design standards that will continue throughout the entirety of Luckless Seven. We’re progressing towards larger, more open environments. We’re introducing Casino and Card Shop interiors, which will become familiar settings as the player journeys across Arithia. Day 2’s design balances competitive, Ekosi-intensive quests with more dialogue-rich ones, a balance we plan to maintain throughout the game.

Caption: Goodbye Old Bertrand!

In addition to setting a course for many of Luckless Seven’s design standards, Day 2 also introduces a few smaller tricks. We’ve implemented a “follower” system that allows the player to spend one-on-one quest time with various characters and learn who they are. The new demo set up the ability for players to select between story days for testing purposes. Finally, we’re revealing an updated Bertrand, who recently received a makeover.

Caption: Hello New Bertrand!

You can download Demo 0.641 at our IndieDB page.

Caption: Day 2 Released!

As always, we welcome your feedback. We’ll continue to refine Day 2 as we begin work on Day 3 and beyond. Keep an eye on our IndieDB page for updated demos, as we’ll only be announcing major releases (new days) in our Kickstarter posts.

Until next time!




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