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Dev Diary #29: Casino Royale

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

Hey everyone!

All of you that have backed at a pledge level that offered the foil card or Ekosi decks should have received your rewards in the mail. If you haven't received them, please send us a message!

Over the last couple months, we've been fleshing out the game world. Our previous demos have had a focus on indoor environments, so the next demo will feature some of our larger outdoor areas. The first large outdoor area we plan on featuring will be the casino area.

Caption: Preview of the first casino which will serve as a major battle area.

The design of Arithia is nearly complete. We plan on having a world map in the in-game menu in our next demo update.

Caption: The earliest sketch of our world map. The names of the cities were not finalized at this point, so we put placeholders.

The complete version of the map is almost complete and will be finished in less than a week.

On the character development side, we've finished the last two party members that will be traveling with you on your journey.

Caption: Preview portrait of Jamie

Caption: Preview portrait of Jacob

Lastly, we will be attending the Ohio Game Developer Expo (OGDE) this November. If you plan on attending this expo, you're more than welcome to come to our booth! We'll have some Luckless Seven art to give you.



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