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Dev Diary #24: Library Update

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

Progress on the library, our next big indoor area, has been proceeding slowly as we have made massive revisions to many of the quests and dialogue in our previous demo release. Almost all these changes have been completed, and we're happy to announce that the library scene is complete as well!

The library will feature several people you can battle as well as one of the main side quests for the introductory area. We wanted this building to be much more visually distinct compared to the hospital, so we went with a multi-leveled building.

We went through several different potential designs before we landed on the version you see here. Our desire was to have a wide open space that allowed you to see multiple floors of the building. Many of our initial designs looked very appealing, but they were not so great for maneuverability.

We are working on finalizing all the quest lines so that we can get our next major demo release. For those of you that have enjoyed listening to our soundtrack, we have a big surprise coming up! We've been working on a special track for the last few months, and we hope that you will enjoy what we have in store.

We are planning on launching our Kickstarter on June 15th. We plan to have a new demo (which will include the library) and trailer available a few days before then.



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