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Dev Diary #23: Dialogue Icons

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

Hey everyone!

Today, we wanted to show some of the dialogue icons that will represent each emotion category. We are actually in the midst of tweaking some of them around, so expect to see this reflected in our next demo update!

All conversational responses will fall under these broad categories. Each category has dozens of different types of responses. For example, the Charm category has responses such as "Agreeable" and "Appeal". Although there are many different types of responses, they all fall under 6 primary emotion categories.

Each time the player makes a choice in a particular emotion category (with the exception of Neutral), they gain Emotion Points for that category, As the game progresses, major choices may require a substantial amount of points in that particular emotion category in order for the response to be selected. A player that continually makes Dismissive of Control choices will not have enough points to make major Empathetic decisions towards the latter part of the game.

Caption: The Dialogue Choice Heading will describe the type of response that Mark will give. The bars at the bottom right of each response text box signify the amount of Emotion Points needed to select the response.

You can see the dialogue system at work in our latest demo.

It's still a few weeks away, but just a heads up if you haven't been to our Luckless Seven website; we are planning on launching our Kickstarter on June 15th. In the couple weeks leading up to the launch, expect to see much more reveals on future content.

Until next time!



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