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Dev Diary #19: Massive Demo Update!

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

Hello everyone!

This week, we officially launched our first alpha version containing overworld gameplay!

It’s been very rewarding to see the ideas we've been planning for 6-9 months finally out to the public. We wanted our next demo release to feature the overworld, and we wanted to make sure enough systems were available to give an accurate depiction of what we wanted the full game to be. The scope of the demo continually increased as we realized how much each system depended on each other. 

Caption: We've made a lot of nit-picky changes to the hospital over the last few months. It has been very relieving to finally release it to the public.

It’s definitely been a long time since our last demo update, and our latest demo implements many of the core gameplay systems that we have been working on for the better part of a year. Eventually, we reached what we felt was a good chunk of the game that was easy to slice up for a demo.

Caption: Hello new dialogue system.

In the few days that the demo is out, we've gotten plenty of great feedback from the community. Since then, several changes have already been made. A new version of the demo should be available some time this Monday.

Caption: The background of the phone menu has gone through a drastic redesign.

We hope to never experience such a time gap between demo releases, and we probably won’t. The overworld, dialogue system, phone menu system, and quest system were all components that took months of planning and designing. We were very hesitant to release any one of these features until we felt they were presentable.

Caption: Our new dialogue system can allow up to 7 people to converse in the same scene.

For most of this weekend, we've been working on the many suggestions given to us on improving the game. Some of the changes will take several weeks to implement, but we hope to have most of the smaller changes implemented by this Monday. As always, we welcome any feedback you can provide!

Our current demo is available for download on Indiedb. Expect to see an updated version by the end of Monday.

Until next time!



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