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Dev Diary #18: For Posterity

Hello everyone!

All of us at Deckpoint are hoping that your new year is starting off well.

Since our last update, we've made massive strides towards fully integrating our gameplay systems together. The inventory system now works correctly with the battle system and merchant vendors. We've made numerous dialogue scenes and refinements to our dialogue UI. Within a couple weeks, we should have a fully functioning demo with several quests that will showcase all these systems working together.

Caption: We've been holding back the release for a long time now, but we're very happy with the current state of the demo.

The ambition of our first demo introducing the overworld has steadily increased over the last few months. Originally, we wanted to just include a small environment in which the player could walk around, talk with people, and initiate battles. Then we wanted the player to have access to their inventory to customize their deck. Then we wanted to having longer conversations with lots of dialogue choices. Then we wanted to actually put a questline in. Well, with our next alpha release, you'll be able to do all of those!

One thing we are very sad to see leave is the old title screen. The art style no longer fits super well with our new one, so we've completely overhauled the design. We had a really nice title screen that showed off the 3D world, but we encountered some severe last minute errors. We hope to have the situation resolved soon, but there is a chance that we might not be able to use the original scene. If we can't, we'll definitely show some footage of the title screen in a future blog post (we actually have it working in an unreleased alpha build).

For now though, we say goodbye to our old title screen. R.I.P. old Mark and Krista. You will be missed.

Caption: "Mark could totally push Krista off the edge" was a comment we heard surprisingly often.



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