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Dev Diary #16: I Can Empathize

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

For the story of Luckless Seven, we wanted the character to interact with his party all at once. The very first iteration of our conversation system only allowed the player to talk to one person at a time. Today, we're extremely happy to show a sneak peak at our new dialogue system.

Ideas for the current dialogue system were conceived from as far back as March. This was back when we were still using pixel graphics. Conversations between party members were very cumbersome to design under a one-on-one dialogue constraint.

Caption: Jeff, our first character. We'll always miss him.

We wanted to keep the portraits and still have multiple response options. Having more than 3 options made the screen look cluttered, at least with the design shown in the above screenshot. With a need for both several portraits and conversation responses to be on screen simultaneously, it became very apparent that we needed to do more than simply re-size and rearrange some boxes.

Next week, we'll go through an example of the different types of conversation categories the player can specialize in.



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