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Dev Diary #15: Step In, Ryan and Maria

When we changed the graphics of our overworld, we knew that we would have to change our portrait style. The manga-looking characters did not blend in well with the more realistic environment. Over the last several months, we have been solidifying a new style for the characters. Last week, we showed two of the updated main characters. This week, we're showing 2 more!

Even before we updated the portraits, we were considering changing our art style since the cartoony looking characters looked a bit out of place on some of our more recent battle boards.

We're very happy with how the portraits look with our new dialogue system. Next week, we'll be showing some screenshots of the dialogue system in action.

If you haven't checked our Indiedb page yet, we've uploaded a new demo that has many new particle effects. Take a look and let us know what you think!



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