Luckless Seven takes place in Arithia, the host country of the World Ekosi Tour. Casinos in the country's major cities host games of Ekosi, the most popular betting game. Players skilled in Ekosi can accumulate massive wealth and prestige. Players participating in the tournament was travel through out the country and battle in diverse locales in order to qualify for the world finals. 

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The country's peaceful setting has made it an immigration hot spot. Many of the surrounding countries are still developing and are in perpetual conflict with one another. The instability of the surrounding nations is a large influence on the social dynamics of the country and will play a prominent role throughout the story.

The game begins in the city of Exi, the starting place for many who choose to participate in the World Ekosi Tour. Since Exi is the start of the journey for many Ekosi amateurs, there are plenty of veterans that are willing to bet powerful cards to aspiring pros. Risking a match with them could be an easy ticket into the regional qualifiers. Or a quick death to your World Tour dreams.

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