Luckless Seven Patch Notes

Patch Notes for Luckless Seven.

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Patch Notes for Luckless Seven Alpha 0.770

December 20, 2017

  • Massive UI and graphics overhaul.
  • Areas that have been remodeled and updated: Player's home (day and night), Fillipelli home interior, library, hospital interior, casino interior.
  • NEW: New UI Elements: Investigation icons & Pick-up icons.
  • NEW: Investigation Icons (magnifying glass). These icons expand on the characters and places of Arithia.
  • NEW: Pickup Icons (grabbing hand). These icons when clicked can reward the player with potential card, currency, or other items!
  • IMPROVEMENT: UI overhaul: New quest notifier, money notifier, phone menu button.
  • IMPROVEMENTS, CHANGES, AND FIXES: There would be over 100 items to list. So, in short. It's improved a great deal!

Patch Notes for Luckless Seven Alpha 0.752

October 14, 2017
  • NEW: Added some areas in Day 1 where the player can pick up cards off the ground.
  • NEW: Players will now win cards from nearly every Ekosi battle.
  • NEW: Story starts in the start menu 
  • NEW: Start menu is now in the isometric view (before it was first person)
  • NEW: Each story day will now appear on screen at the beginning of that day.
  • NEW: Added portraits for the shopkeeper in the casino area.
  • NEW: Score end screen on the Ekosi board now displays the Money and Cards won from Ekosi battle.
  • NEW: Added a small light to the cursor so it is easier to navigate when controlling Mark.
  • NEW: Day 1: Krista Home: Added Pool Sign, floatable donuts and beach ball, new tiles around the pool.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Start Menu: has a new coat of paint and moved several characters around
  • IMPROVEMENT: Ekosi Battle Board: The name and score of both the player and opponent are much sharper and easier to read.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Mark Movement: Mark now turns significantly faster and won’t do awkward U-turns anymore.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Inventory: The entire inventory is much sleeker and easier to read.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Inventory: Tooltips are now much smaller and have colors to help distinguish cards. Cards that are being hovered over will have arrows pointing to them.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Inventory: The inventory closes and saves significantly faster.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Day 1 Eye Icons: Made some of the eye icons more interesting and relating to the world.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Day 1: Krista Home: The walkway to the pool is now easier to navigate and see.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Day 1: Krista Home: The empty garage on the right now has it’s door down so players do not enter.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Day 1: Krista Home: Added new Eye Icon to tell the player which direction to get behind the home.
  • CHANGED: Battle Board: When players tie a round the pop up will now say “The set is tied” instead of “You tied the set”
  • CHANGED: Day 1 Mark’s Apartment: “Instructor” is now called “Tyler Bot”
  • CHANGED: Day 1 Krista’s Interior Home: Emily’s tutorial battle with S and D cards is easier to win.
  • CHANGED: Day 4 Night: Added a delay to the dialogue in the campfire scene
  • CHANGED: Day 4 Night: Added a delay to the demo completion screen.
  • CHANGED: Inventory: Added backs to the store buttons.
  • FIXED: Animations: Fixed sitting characters during the post-battle dialogue. Before they would sit further back than they were originally seated causing clipping. 
  • FIXED: Battle Board: Fixed one of the help guides that wasn’t displaying text properly. (Thank you, James)
  • FIXED: Inventory: Fixed the book slot to only allow books. Before players could place cards into the slot. 
  • FIXED: Inventory: Fixed bug that would display incorrect stack size.
  • FIXED: All Days: Fixed multiple dialogues throughout the game. Fixed spelling, grammar, punctuation, and more! (Thank you, James)
  • FIXED: Day 1: Fixed Mystery Girl from mysteriously soft locking the game in Ekosi matches.
  • FIXED: Day 2: Fixed Business Man Rogers from mysteriously soft locking the game in Ekosi matches.
  • FIXED: Day 3: Fixed a tournament player who would play a flip card incorrectly. (Thank you, James)
  • FIXED: Day 4: Fixed Marcus on the bridge from mysteriously soft locking the game in Ekosi matches. (Thank you, James)
  • FIXED: Day 4: Bertrand now talks again. (Thank you, James)

Patch Notes for Luckless Seven Alpha 0.736

June 21, 2017
  • FIXED: Save Files: If the player did not have any save profiles and did not make a manual save their first-time playing, the game would break. This no longer happens.

Patch Notes for Luckless Seven Alpha 0.737
June 18, 2017

  • IMPROVEMENT: Loading the list of Save/Load files is now slightly faster.
  • FIXED: The arcade mode works again!
  • FIXED: Player’s decks won’t disappear after part way through day 1.
  • FIXED: Players can now customize their decks again.
  • FIXED: Battleboard: If a player used the large map and then entered a battle. Sometimes the some of the buttons on the battle board would become unusable. This no longer occurs.
  • FIXED: Day 4 Daytime: Mark no longer spawns in the corner of a map if the user exited the game just after reaching the large bridge (second bridge).
  • FIXED: Inventory: The player now receives money for selling single cards to the merchants. Before players could only make money by selling cards from a stack.
  • FIXED: Inventory: Fixed placing cards into deck slots. Before if a stack of 2 cards was placed into a deck slot, it would destroy one of the cards placed into it.
  • FIXED: Save Files: The player’s money now always saves correctly.

Patch Notes for Luckless Seven Alpha 0.736

June 12, 2017
  • NEW: Added saving and loading. Includes manual saves and autosaves.
  • NEW: Load menu from the start menu
  • CHANGE: Changed many of the dialogues from day 1 background characters. They now are more informative, relevant and humorous.
  • CHANGE: Certain walking characters will no longer stop in the hospital when the player talks to them
  • FIXED: Day 4 Night: Sometimes the dialogue would get stuck, that no longer happens.
  • FIXED: Day 4 Daytime: Fixed Krista stopping after you talk to her.
  • FIXED: Day 4 Daytime: Fixed the fast travel back to camp at the end of Day 4
  • FIXED: Day 4 Daytime: Mark no longer starts running after fast traveling.
  • FIXED: Day 4 Daytime: Mark now just needs to pick up five sticks in total to complete the quest. Before Mark was required to complete both battles in addition to picking up 5 sticks.
  • FIXED: Day 4 Daytime: Fixed multiple spelling and grammar mistakes
  • Please note there is no Linux version for this update. We will release the update to Linux soon.

Patch Notes for Luckless Seven Alpha 0.715 March 27, 2017

  • NEW: Added campfire scene to the end of Day 4.
  • NEW: Song added to general Ekosi battles “Inversion”. Total of four general Ekosi battle songs and each song has a 1/4 chance to play. More to come in the future.
  • NEW: Day 4: Added the option to teleport back to camp after collecting all the wood.
  • CHANGED: Day 4: Added a dialogue line to Krista when hiking.
  • MAJOR FIX: Fixed nearly all cases of mini-map quest arrows that don’t disappear.
  • FIXED: Arcade mode, Bertrand’s tutorial page 2 was too high.
  • FIXED: Day 1: The mini-map for Mark’s home now fills the dimensions of the mini-map.
  • FIXED: Day 3: Fixed Broski’s battle board dialogue.

Patch Notes for Luckless Seven Alpha 0.705
February 27,2017
  • NEW: Added environmental audio for Day 4. (windy trees, coursing river, coastal beach, and ocean)
  • NEW: Added sound effects to arcade buttons in the battle board when choosing Free Play.
  • NEW: Card shop on Day 2 has a new song for the area “Window Shopping”
  • NEW: Added a new animation for Krista setting up camp
  • MAJOR CHANGE: Rebalanced audio. Music should sound better and the sound effects are more balanced.
  • CHANGED: Day 4: Increased Krista’s walking speed between Rest Areas
  • CHANGED: Day 4: Ryan and Krista’s pathfinding is smoother
  • CHANGED: Added more grass, made the grass corners smoother and removed some pitch black grass.
  • CHANGED: Hit button tooltip now has green text for “green card”
  • CHANGED: Loading screens are even smoother now.
  • CHANGED: Day 4: Navya and Dave will now have quest markers above their head instead of a quest marker on the ground. This fixes potential fail states.
  • MAJOR FIX: Exiting after defeating an opponent while in the overworld will no longer create a fail state for the game. This use to break the game. I am still hunting for any locations that create fail states, please let me know if you find any.
  • FIXED: Day 4 trail now has a screen fade in effect
  • FIXED: Significantly reduced the stuttering for walking on quest markers and at the end of dialogues.
  • FIXED: Canna, Dahlia and Wisteria portraits now display correctly.
  • FIXED: Day 4: One of the guardian’s incorrectly had a trophy above his head. It has now been removed.
  • FIXED: Some characters sitting like they are going to fall off the edge of their seat. Fixed many characters inside the hospital and casino. Please let us know if you spot any others.
  • FIXED: Some dialogue typos
  • FIXED: The Ekosi guide in the Battle Board has been fixed so the text appears correctly.
  • FIXED: Day 4: Krista will now correctly become a follower after talking to her a second time at the bridge.
  • FIXED: Day 4: Fixed rare issue where Krista would fall off the cliff.
  • FIXED: Day 4: An extra minimap arrow would appear after defeating Emerald, that no longer happens.
  • FIXED: Day 1: Fixed minimap problem outside of Krista’s house when talking to the parents. It would continue to show the minimap icon after listening to all of the extra gossip dialogues.
  • FIXED: Day 1: Maria’s minimap marker no longer gives a false arrow on Day One after helping the kids.
  • FIXED: Day 1: Martha’s minimap marker no longer gives a false arrow on Day One after helping her with the computer.
  • FIXED: Day 2. Jamie no longer teleports and walks to you after accepting a battle outside of the casino.
  • FIXED: Day 4. Fixed dialogue arrows pointing to the wrong person (Jessica).

Luckless Seven Alpha Version 0.700
February 7, 2017
  • NEW: Added Day 4 daylight story to the demo. Adding over 45 minutes of story and 18 new opponents.
  • NEW: Added question marks to guide the player through the story.
  • NEW: Added trophies above characters who the player can battle.
  • NEW: Added dollar symbols above characters who sell Ekosi cards.
  • NEW: Song added to general Ekosi battles “Limited Edition”. Total of three general Ekosi battle songs and each song has a 1/3 chance to play. More to come in the future.
  • CHANGED: Added small tutorial to purchase cards.
  • CHANGED: Cards now sell for the buy price. There is no punishment for accidentally buying cards now.
  • CHANGED: Loading screens are smoother
  • CHANGED: Start Menu has been upgraded. It is faster to load, retextured and small lighting changes.
  • CHANGED: More of the Ekosi battle board buttons are teal.
  • CHANGED: Mark and Jamie no longer repeat their conversation from the end of Krista’s place on Day 2 when they get to the Casino.
  • FIXED: “Check In” quest now correctly moves to the completed tab when completing the quest.
  • FIXED: Jacob’s conversation during the “Check In” quest would on one conversation paths display multiple options instead of the selected one.
  • FIXED: Peter’s pathfinding in the hospital has been adjusted so won’t get stuck on any corners. If he still does, please let me know. If you run into this issue, a temporary fix is to just talk to Peter, that will restart his pathfinding until he gets to the correct location.
  • FIXED: Untangled the mess that was Day 3 Casino minimap markers. The map should now correctly display current objectives and remove markers when objectives are completed.
  • FIXED: An issue in the library where the dialogue from battling opponents would close off immediately.
  • FIXED: The question mark icon to leave the library now properly shows on the minimap.
  • FIXED: Some main characters were pulling out invisible phones. Now they have real phones again.
  • FIXED: Turned off many quest markers when activated now. Before the three white circles would just keep spinning under Mark until his conversation was completed.
  • FIXED: A massive amount of tiny bugs.
  • FIXED: The notification text for refusing to help the irresponsible dad now correctly displays.
  • FIXED: Fixed “Check In” journal entries from being displayed if the player failed the quest to help irresponsible dad.
  • KNOWN ISSUE: Some characters sit strangely, close to falling off their chair.
  • KNOWN ISSUE: Canna’s portrait is not showing up correctly. All she does is idle right now so she won’t affect the gameplay.
  • KNOWN ISSUE: One of the Guardian’s has a trophy on his head in the parking lot but cannot be battled.

Luckless Seven Alpha Version 0.667
November 28, 2016
  • NEW: The Ekosi Battle Board now has notifications for when a tie-breaker is active for either player. The notification is just under the score for each player.
  • ADDED: a small dumpster to Krista’s home that clearly blocks the player from walking around the top of the house to the backyard. The path was always unwalkable, but now this object helps reflect that.
  • ADDED: Once arriving at the Casino with Jamie, a tutorial will inform the player that they are able to zoom in and out using the mouse wheel
  • ADDED: The opening werewolf battle will now teach the player about replenishment cards.
  • FIXED: The Ekosi Guide will now appear on top of the tooltips in the opening Werewolf match.
  • FIXED: Resolved the game breaking bug on Day 2 outside of the casino. Players will now be able to battle more than one opponent.
  • CHANGED: The Start Menu is going through a small redesign and is not totally complete. This update is being pushed ahead of time to resolve the game breaking bug for Day 2 story. More redesigns and polish will be added to the Start Menu for the next update.
  • CHANGED: Button colors for the Ekosi Battle Board have been changed from blue to teal. This makes the buttons more noticeable for new players. Buttons that have been changed: Hit, Stand, Undo, Ekosi Guide, Options Menu, and Okay.
  • CHANGED: Tooltips in the Ekosi Battle Board now have a slight gradient on them.
  • CHANGED: The opponent's speech during matches is now easier to read.

Luckless Seven Alpha Version 0.666
September 29, 2016
  • Fixed opening dream battle so that players are able to rematch it.
  • Changed dialog about tooltips after defeating the instructor on Day 1.
  • Rotated Mini-map 45 degrees so it now displays the same view angle (isometric) as the rest of the game.
  • Rotated Full-map 45 degrees so it now displays the same view angle (isometric) as the rest of the game.
  • Changed button colors for Mini-map and Full-map to purple circles, before they were black squares.All map buttons now have sound effects
  • Removed fullscreen Full-map button, removed X/Y coordinates from Full-map, removed other unused and broken buttons from Full-map.
  • Fixed the poufs (couches), chairs, bookshelves and tables in the library from receiving Mark’s shadow from the upper floor.

Luckless Seven Alpha Version 0.665
September 21, 2016
  • Fixed issue where losing to the Ekosi instructor on Day 1 and replaying the match will lock the player’s Hit and Stand buttons.
  • Fixed issue where talking to Krista on Day 1 at Krista’s home, would lockup the conversation about the mini-map tutorial if the player didn’t click Next within 30 seconds. This has been fixed and the player can take as long as they need now.
  • Fixed Clark in the swimming pool having the same dialog after talking to the parents. His dialog will now update after talking to the parents.
  • Fixed Sarah’s deck for the 2nd battle inside Krista’s Home. She had a card she shouldn’t have which caused her to play -5 when she should have been playing +5.

Luckless Seven Alpha Version 0.664
September 18, 2016
  • Added MiniMap tutorial to Day 1 outside of Krista’s
  • New Casino Battle Song (Private Suite) will play on Day 3 when battling in the tournament.

Luckless Seven Alpha Version 0.663
September 14, 2016
  • Outside casino camera no longer pans every time, only the first time.
  • Seated people no longer stand up and sit down when entering a level.
  • Seated opponents will no longer stand up after an Ekosi match, they will now remain seated.
  • Mark’s Dad now walks more smoothly out the door in the opening cutscene.
  • Fixed several spelling mistakes
  • Fixed dialog arrows pointing the wrong direction
  • Fixed incorrect stacked field tooltip on the player’s side
  • Fixed pathfinding collision outside of the Casino on day 3 with Bertrand and gang.

Luckless Seven Alpha Version 0.662
September 11, 2016
  • New lighting in many locations. Mark’s apartment, Fillipelli home interior, and the interior of the first casino has been relit and now has many more shadows.
  • New spooky battle theme plays in Day 1 opening battle.
  • New spooky lens flare from the moon in Day 1 opening battle.
  • Enable sound button and music/ sound effect volumes now work correctly in all scenes.
  • New colors used on the music and sound volume sliders.
  • Hospital cafeteria chairs now have a green fabric from gray.
  • Casino restaurant chairs now have new colors.
  • Contrast increased in all scenes/ levels.
  • Changed colors of some other objects to make the scene more interesting and color varied
  • Fixed Peter in Arcade mode, his portraits should now show up during the post-battle report.
  • Fixed Day 1 conversation with parents sometimes allowing the player to repeat the conversation.
  • Start Menu is now faster to load

Ekosi Changes

  • Different special effect for tieing your opponent. The previous tie effect would sometimes lag on certain computers. The new one does not.
  • Stacked Field victories (place nine cards on your side of the field without going over 20) now states that you won because of Stacked Field.
  • New Stacked Field lose screen if the opponent successfully uses the strategy against you.
  • New options menu icon in Ekosi board. You can press Esc OR press the options menu button in the bottom right. This now makes the entire game mouse only accessible.
  • New the options menu in the Ekosi board now allows you to adjust volume or turn it off completely. Additionally it allows toggling fullscreen on and off.
  • New tooltips for Stacked Field strategy and new notifiers if you or your opponent are getting close to it.
  • New the last card position will slowly change it’s color from teal to gold as you place more cards on your side of the field.
  • New particle explosion effect on the player or opponent status marker when someone stands.
  • Fixed Stacked Field Strategy exploit where the player could win more than one round.
  • Fixed 1&5 and 2&6 Subtract cards. Before they had the & (and symbol) in the top right, now it correctly displays the negative symbol.

Luckless Seven Alpha Version 0.660
June 14, 2016
  • New opening for the game, includes new dialog, new animations, more context
  • New tutorial
  • New flashy transition when starting an Ekosi match
  • Added additional portraits to many existing dialogs
  • New portraits
  • First two Tyler bot matches have reduced text
  • Multiple mini-map fixes
  • Multiple dialog fixes
  • Multiple quest fixes
  • Peter will now stay and watch Nathan work, then walk to the front.
  • Transportation button to leave Mark’s apartment to go to Krista’s home is now hidden until the tutorial is completed.

Luckless Seven Alpha Version 0.655
May 16, 2016
  • Added tooltips in the Ekosi battle board for most elements.
  • Added a new Ekosi battle board background (can only be played with Ryan in Arcade mode for now)
  • Added categories for the Option menus (Game, Sound Graphics).
  • Added: Tooltips can be toggled on or off in the options menu.
  • Updated: Save data has been changed. All options menu preferences, statistics and achievements data is now saved in a separate file and cannot be deleted in the options menu like before. -Fixed: Sound effects volume is now correctly loaded and set in the start menu.
  • Fixed Ryan’s lines in arcade mode so he doesn’t call himself a loser
  • Changed the some sound effects for the help menu in the Ekosi battle board.
  • Changed the fade in/ fade out of Ekosi battle board dialogue displaying from the opponent. It should last longer and have a smoother transition.

Luckless Seven Alpha Version 0.654
April 15, 2016
  • New start menu.
  • New help menu in Ekosi board.
  • Fixed options menu always setting to Ultra. Should be a massive performance increase.
  • New start menu song.
  • Website button now works
  • Option menu buttons now have a sound effect when clicked.
  • New portrait for Maria in Free Play mode.

Luckless Seven Alpha Version 0.653
March 30, 2016
  • New models: Ryan, Krista, Maria, Bertrand, Jacob and Jamie 3d models have been added.
  • Music: Very Expensive Lounge is now in Casino Inside.
  • Music: An Adventure Begins is now in Casino Outside.
  • Two mouse cursors added. Semi-transparent magnifying glass and chat bubble mouse cursors that show if Mark is too far away to talk to a person or activate a door.
  • Auto run is implemented for clicking on door buttons.
  • Jen who replaced Mick in outside the casino and now has her minimap icon turn off correctly when defeating her.
  • Added information to the controls page in the phone menu.
  • Fixed phone menu so Sound and Graphics page now work again.
  • Fixed phone menu so world map now works again.
  • Minor graphical fixes for the phone menu menus (achievements, load) tabs.
  • Fixed a trigger bug that didn’t allow the player to progress from day 2 to day 3 without going through the start menu.
  • Doors no longer show the magnifying glass cursor when hovering over them. The magnifying glass cursor will still show for the door button.
  • Phone Menu: Added “Exit Game” button. Which will exit the game immediately. Where before players would have to “Exit to Start Menu” and then exit the game.
  • Fixed Maria’s quest icon not turning off inside of the Filipelli home after teaching the kids.
  • Mark in the start menu has had his hair and phone upgraded.
  • Various dialogue, mini-map and miscellaneous bugs squashed.

Luckless Seven Alpha Version 0.650
March 7, 2016
  • Released Day 3 - approximately 45 minutes more story content with many extra ekosi battles available.
  • Demo story length is now 2hr and 45mins, with a couple more hours of just Ekosi battles. Shopkeeper has been fixed. Mick has been removed and replaced with Jen on Day 2.
  • New songs have been added.
  • New battle theme and two overworld themes added.
  • Various bug fixes
  • Mac and Linux versions will be available in a few days.

Luckless Seven Alpha Version 0.642
February 1, 2016
  • Added zoom in/ zoom out for the camera. It is available in almost all areas. Some areas will never have a zoom in/ zoom out, like the area just outside the hospital. Players can zoom in and zoom out with the mouse wheel.
  • Changed the transportation buttons. Before the player would have to click next after specifying that they wanted to be transported. Now when the player specifies that they wish to be transported it will automatically load the next area instead of waiting for the player to click next.
  • Some fixes to AI pathfinding. Now the characters will always move unless they are talking to the player. Before some of the characters would randomly stop or wouldn't move at all for several minutes.

Luckless Seven Alpha Version 0.641
January 29, 2016

  • Fixed fade in / fade out effects. They should work now!
  • Added typewriter effect for all dialogue text
  • Added sound effect for when dialogue is displaying
  • Small bug fixes

Luckless Seven Alpha Version 0.640
January 21, 2016
  • Released Day 2. Approximately 45 minutes more story content with many extra ekosi battles available. Demo story length is now 1hr and 30mins, with a couple more hours of just Ekosi battles.
  • Shop keeper is available in day 2, you’re now able to customize your deck. More powerful cards will be available in the future areas.
  • New splash image added to the game launcher
  • New feature for the ekosi battle board: once a player reaches a score marker with the draw cards symbol. It will put a blank marker on their opponent’s score marker for that particular round. To show that new cards will not more cards will not be dealt.
  • Fixed the audio glitch when the player would enter a dialogue scene, sometimes causing the music to repeat the last three seconds.
  • Numerous fixes to the mini-map and the local-map
  • Changed the roof in the start menu to be slightly transparent
  • Numerous dialogue tweaks. Added commas, missing words, replaced words, etc.
  • Numerous bugs squashed.
  • Mac and Linux versions will be available in a few days.

Luckless Seven Alpha Version 0.636
December 5, 2015
  • Fixed the map system! It should work in all situations. The animation from the map is now removed. It will be added back in later. Fixed the big map so that the tooltip now shows even when close to the top of the map.
  • Fixed the mini-map stating that there were two Jamies in Krista's house.
  • Expect Mac and Linux versions in a couple of days.
  • This will be the last demo with this content level. The next demo will feature new areas unless there is something terribly wrong with this demo. You can expect the new content demo in about two weeks. We're finalizing the new quests and dialogue.
  • Known issues: Talking to Jamie before talking to the group in Krista's house will make Jamie follow you around earlier.

Luckless Seven Alpha Version 0.635
November 20, 2015
  • Added Mark's phone to the nightstand in the beginning that flashes when Krista is calling.
  • Changed phone ringing noise to be less annoying.
  • Lowered phone ringing noise.
  • Fixed Mark so he hold's his phone again, before he would hold nothing.
  • Greatly reduced the likelihood of the mini-map world map breaking.
  • Fixed the Mini-map's big map to now work in almost every situation, including the hospital. If it does break, it will NOT stay broken until you restart the play session. It will work again if you enter a battle or move onto the next area.
  • Expect another update in the next few days. Plus Mac and Linux versions.

Luckless Seven Alpha Version 0.634
November 17, 2015
  • Additional updates and fixes to mini-map.
  • Reworked beginning tutorial so it's much easier and more logical.
  • Before the player would be forced to keep hitting even at score 17 before learning how to use negative cards.
  • Additional updates and fixes to mini-map.
  • Added black box around tool-tip text for the big map, it should much easier to read now.
  • Added outlines to lots of the text in the battle board, should be much easier to read.
  • Added the world map to the map section in the phone menu.
  • Removed double question marks in Mark's home.
  • Several other small bug fixes.

Luckless Seven Alpha Version 0.633
November 14, 2015
  • Additional updates and fixes to mini-map.
  • Fixed tutorial breaking bug if you were standing in the doorway.
  • Fixed ability to escape Mark's house too early.
  • Fixed cursor showing magnifying glass even when nothing was selected.
  • Fixed dialogue stats being added during Raymond's conversation in the hospital.
  • Fixed Peter's quest marker to correctly show up when entering the hospital.
  • Known issue: problem with the big map in the hospital. The mini-map in the hospital works fine. Expect another update in the next few days.

Luckless Seven Alpha Version 0.632
November 12, 2015
  • Huge updates to the mini-map.
  • Fixed tons of animations. No more feet sliding.
  • Multitude of dialogue fixes.
  • Fixed several rare bugs
  • Removed Kickstarter Links. Thank you for getting us successfully funded!
  • Expect a new release in the next few days with more bug fixes.

Luckless Seven Alpha Version 0.631
November 9, 2015
  • Added a new indoor area towards the end of the demo, increasing the demo's playtime length.

Luckless Seven Alpha Version 0.626
July 2, 2015
  • Removed the Tutorial button in the Story submenu as people found it confusing.
  • Added a new music track.
  • Fixed numerous bugs.

Luckless Seven Alpha Version 0.625

June 30, 2015
  • Music should now properly transition in every scene.
  • Fixed a loading error.
  • Fixed a small bug where a quest dialogue could trigger multiple times.

Luckless Seven Alpha Version 0.624

June 16, 2015
  • Redesigned some of the links in the title page.
  • Fixed minor errors for scene triggers.

Luckless Seven Alpha Version 0.623

June 15, 2015
  • Added in the library and hospital exterior scenes.
  • Redesigned the Prank Call side quest.
  • Fixed numerous bugs.

Luckless Seven Alpha Version 0.621

May 28, 2015
  • Fixed numerous gameplay bugs.
  • Redesigned several of the quest dialogue.

Luckless Seven Alpha Version 0.620

May 16, 2015
  • Overworld now uses a more advanced lighting system.
  • Added a new area - Filippelli Household.
  • Added eye icons to the overworld which can be clicked for flavor text.
  • Redesigned Mark's apartment.
  • Added new battle characters.

Luckless Seven Alpha Version 0.563

March 2, 2015
  • Added new features to the inventory system.
  • Optimized the game for better performance.
  • Adjusted the time quest alerts stay on screen.

Luckless Seven Alpha Version 0.562

March 2, 2015
  • Added a new font for dialogue text.
  • Redesigned the phone menu system.
  • Relabeled some dialogue and text choices.
  • Redesigned quest notification system.
  • Adjusted ambient tracks to a lower volume.
  • Minor adjustments to the spacing of floors and objects in the game.
  • Corrected small typos in several conversations.
  • Added a new dialogue ambient track.

Luckless Seven Alpha Version 0.561

February 26, 2015
  • The demo takes place 20-30 minutes into the main storyline.
  • Implemented the overworld. Implemented a new dialogue system.
  • Partially implemented an inventory system. Updated portraits to a more realistic art style.
  • A number of changes to the particle effects in the battle screen.
  • Implemented a phone menu system.
  • Implemented a journal log that keeps track of quests.
  • Implemented a minimap that is expandable.
  • Released Mac Version
  • Released Linux Version

Luckless Seven Alpha Version 0.165

November 28, 2014
  • Added new sound effects for button presses, winning, losing, and tying a round.
  • Fixed a graphical error that occurred for non-Windows 8 users.

Luckless Seven Alpha Version 0.164

November 13, 2014
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the player from entering the battle screen.
  • Added a new win particle effect.
  • Added a new win three-in-a-row particle effect.
  • Old win three-in-a-row particle effect has replaced the Stacked Field particle effect due to the length of some animations.

Luckless Seven Alpha Version 0.163

November 6, 2014
  • Added a new particle effect for the splash screen.
  • Added new particle effects for the mouse cursor.
  • Left clicking now creates a glittering particle effect. Added new particle effects for winning/losing a round.

Luckless Seven Alpha Version 0.162

October 29, 2014
  • Added new sound effects for various gameplay functions.
  • Added additional elements to the options menu such as the ability to change music and sfx volume levels.
  • Began implementation of updated character portraits.

Luckless Seven Alpha Version 0.161

September 19, 2014
  • Added new sound effects for hitting and standing.
  • Introduced new sound effects for winning/losing a round.
  • Fixed small bugs involving the menu system not looking properly.
  • Made further adjustments to the color scheme of the UI so that it contrasts better with the background.
  • Made adjustments to the card "radiance" particle effects so that the color is more easily distinguishable.

Luckless Seven Alpha Version 0.160

August 16, 2014
  • Darkened the contrast for the UI to make it more easier to see with the new background.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the win 3 in-a-row animation to trigger on normal victories.
  • Fixed particle effects for the winning and tying effects.
  • Fixed numerous GUI bugs.

Luckless Seven Alpha Version 0.159

August 7, 2014
  • Added new visual effects for winning.
  • Added a new background for the battle screen.
  • Temporarily removed custom mouse cursor.
  • Added a new building theme.
  • Added a new background that consists of animated clouds, flares, and a sky.

Luckless Seven Alpha Version 0.158

July 10, 2014
  • Removed the Unity splash screen and replaced it with the Deckpoint Studio splash screen.
  • Removed the 2nd terms of use in game.
  • Added lighting to the game menus and battle screen.
  • Reworded some of the text in the score screen.

Luckless Seven Alpha Version 0.157

July 7, 2014

  • Made tutorial text changes to better communicate instructions to the game as well as lore.
  • Fixed bug that would stop cards from enlarging when the cursor hovered over them.
  • Updated the post battle report to make it more clear how points were earned.

Luckless Seven Alpha Version 0.156

June 26, 2014
  • Added new sound effects for buttons and cards.
  • Players may now change the volume of the sound effects.
  • Updated some of the tutorial text to add clarity.

Luckless Seven Alpha Version 0.155

June 24, 2014
  • Added an Options menu.
  • Players may now delete their save data in the Options menu.
  • Players can now control the resolution, game quality, and volume of the music in-game.
  • Updated the scrolling controls in the arcade mode to make it easier.
  • After defeating an opponent, the game will automatically move the slider to the next opponent.
  • Swapped Charles and Marissa to improve the difficulty curve in Arcade mode.
  • Updated a significant portion of the tutorial text to increase clarity.
  • Redesigned the score markers to better reflect when additional cards will be dealt.
  • Score markers now also indicate how many cards will be dealt.
  • Renamed the "End Turn" button to "Hit" to better reflect its function.
  • Moved the Stand and Hit buttons to the left side to reduce confusion.
  • Increased button sizes to make it easier to click.
  • Added a counter that lists the number of cards in the dealer's deck.
  • Dimmed the victory particle effects.

Luckless Seven Alpha Version 0.154
June 19, 2014
  • Fixed numerous gameplay bugs.
  • Added a new cursor.
  • Redesigned some visuals in the arcade mode selection screen.
  • Redesigned logo placements in the menu screen.

Luckless Seven Alpha Version 0.153
June 12, 2014
  • The guided tutorial section is now complete.
  • New visual effects have been added to the score screen.

Luckless Seven Alpha Version 0.152
June 11, 2014
  • The tutorial has been drastically updated to provide more instruction on gameplay.
  • Much of the beginning tutorial is now guided.
  • Tie-breaker cards now work for the AI across all game modes.

Luckless Seven Alpha Version 0.151
June 9, 2014
  • Free play mode AI has access to tie-breaker cards (only in balanced draft mode).
  • Undo button has been added.
  • Jeff's portrait now correctly faces his opponent.
  • AI has been drastically restructured and will now make more intelligent decisions.
  • The first card dealt now alternates between the player and the opponent.
  • Fixed several bugs where save files could not be accessed.
  • AI for all cards has been optimized.
  • Challenger portraits and dialogue have been updated.

Luckless Seven Alpha Version 0.150
June 5, 2014
  • Fixed a multitude of bugs that would make sections of the tutorial unplayable if certain cards were used.
  • Added and replaced several visual effects for when the player wins/loses/ties a game.
  • Fixed issues with data not saving correctly.
  • Game has been optimized to use less resources.

Luckless Seven Alpha Version 0.1492
May 30, 2014
  • Fixed serious bugs involving saving progress in arcade mode.
  • Balanced the card lists for the tutorial.
  • Improved the AI for certain card types.

Luckless Seven Alpha Version 0.1491
May 29, 2014
  • Fixed a severe bug that would cause stars not to properly save.

Luckless Seven Alpha Version 0.149
May 29, 2014
  • Fixed multiple bugs concerning arcade play and the score screen.
  • Added victory and defeat jingles for the end of games.
  • Score screen has an updated design and the tutorial has been vastly expanded.
  • Progress in arcade mode is now saved.

Luckless Seven Alpha Version 0.148
May 22, 2014
  • Fixed several bugs that caused the score screen to work improperly.
  • Added new functions and menus for the gameplay portion.
  • Added an extremely basic in-game tutorial.
  • Performance for some games can now be saved.

Luckless Seven Alpha Version 0.147
May 15, 2014
  • Fixed several gameplay bugs.
  • Added a score screen at the conclusion of games.
  • Added additional animations and sounds.
  • New battle theme "The Divide" added.

Luckless Seven Alpha Version 0.146
April 11, 2014
  • Fixed several bugs that would cause the opponent to immediately win in Score Nine.

Luckless Seven Alpha Version 0.145
April 9, 2014
  • Fixed a lighting error for the end turn and stand buttons.
  • Fixed bugs that caused several cards to work improperly
  • Removed errors when playing the random draft game modes.
  • Corrected text field issues.
  • Added several animations to the battle screen.

Luckless Seven Alpha Version 0.144
April 7, 2014
  • Fixed text alignment and spacing for the End Turn and Stand buttons.
  • Added new card animations.

Luckless Seven Alpha Version 0.143
April 5, 2014
  • Fixed gameplay bugs.
  • Added in animations for the title screen.
  • Added a new track for the title screen.

Luckless Seven Alpha Version 0.142
April 3, 2014
  • Fixed numerous gameplay bugs.
  • Added in new UI for the battle screen

Luckless Seven Alpha Version 0.141
March 19, 2014
  • Demo of the random draft arcade mode.

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