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Ekosi is played like blackjack with a few exceptions; the target score is 20 instead of 21, the cards in the main deck have a slightly different composition, and the player has an active hand in which they can play cards to manipulate their score.

A tutorial for gameplay can be viewed here.
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The game is played using a main deck of 40 cards. The deck contains green-colored cards numbered 1 - 10. At the start of the game, players will be randomly dealt 4 cards from their side deck. The side decks consist of 12 cards that are chosen from the player's inventory. Depending on how many rounds the game has, the player will use 4, 8, or all 12 of the players side deck cards.
  1. The first player is dealt a card from the main deck and plays it to open up the round. 
  2. After receiving the card from the main deck, the player may choose to play a card from his or her hand. Only one card can be played per turn. 
  3. The player can choose to stand or end the turn. To stand means the player loses the ability to draw or play any card in the current round. The opponent is still allowed to draw and play cards until he/she chooses to hold. 
  4. This goes on until both players hold or one of the players ends the turn while having a score of more than 20 ('Bust'). 
  5. The player who doesn't exceed a total of 20 and has got the highest score wins the round. 
  6. Winning a round earns the player a point. The first player to reach 3 points wins the match. 
  7. If in a round the scores of the two players are equal, both players receive 0 points.
If a player has 9 cards on his side of the table and his score is 20 or lower, the player automatically wins the round.

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