November 2015

Hey everyone!
We wanted to thank all of you who attended our booth at the Ohio Game Developer Expo! It was exhilarating to see so many people play our game and give us their feedback. It was also great to meet many of the Ohio developers and other people in the indie game scene.

The Luckless Seven booth!
The Luckless Seven booth!

Some of the game art we had on display.
Some of the game art we had on display.

OGDE exhibitors play our game!
OGDE exhibitors play our game!
We have been working on fixing some of the common bugs players encountered during the expo. And updated version of the demo that has the bug fixes can be downloaded from our Indiedb page.
After fixing some other technical issues, we'll work on implementing some of the suggestions you guys made.
Thanks again for everyone who attended and made OGDE an awesome experience!

Hey friends!

Just a reminder, the Ohio Game Developer Expo is this Friday. Access to most of the panels and guest speakers requires and paid pass, but exploring the developer booth area is completely free! Be sure to come on by (we'll have some art goodies to give you!).

Work has been progressing steadily on the casino area. We have the outdoor city section that contains the casino mostly complete. Right now we are working on the finishing touches of the interior. We've also recently completed the map of the overworld.

We're currently working on the artwork for the NPCs inside the casino. Here is a preview of one of the casino employee portrait.

In preparation for OGDE, we created a new Luckless Seven trailer. The trailer shows some of the new environments we've been working on over the last couple months. An updated version of the demo that includes these environments will be playable at the expo.

We hope to see some of you at OGDE!

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