Hey everyone!
We wanted to thank all of you who attended our booth at the Ohio Game Developer Expo! It was exhilarating to see so many people play our game and give us their feedback. It was also great to meet many of the Ohio developers and other people in the indie game scene.

The Luckless Seven booth!
The Luckless Seven booth!

Some of the game art we had on display.
Some of the game art we had on display.

OGDE exhibitors play our game!
OGDE exhibitors play our game!
We have been working on fixing some of the common bugs players encountered during the expo. And updated version of the demo that has the bug fixes can be downloaded from our Indiedb page.
After fixing some other technical issues, we'll work on implementing some of the suggestions you guys made.
Thanks again for everyone who attended and made OGDE an awesome experience!

Hey friends!

Just a reminder, the Ohio Game Developer Expo is this Friday. Access to most of the panels and guest speakers requires and paid pass, but exploring the developer booth area is completely free! Be sure to come on by (we'll have some art goodies to give you!).

Work has been progressing steadily on the casino area. We have the outdoor city section that contains the casino mostly complete. Right now we are working on the finishing touches of the interior. We've also recently completed the map of the overworld.

We're currently working on the artwork for the NPCs inside the casino. Here is a preview of one of the casino employee portrait.

In preparation for OGDE, we created a new Luckless Seven trailer. The trailer shows some of the new environments we've been working on over the last couple months. An updated version of the demo that includes these environments will be playable at the expo.

We hope to see some of you at OGDE!

Hey everyone!
All of you that have backed at a pledge level that offered the foil card or Ekosi decks should have received your rewards in the mail. If you haven't received them, please send us a message!
Over the last couple months, we've been fleshing out the game world. Our previous demos have had a focus on indoor environments, so the next demo will feature some of our larger outdoor areas. The first large outdoor area we plan on featuring will be the casino area.

Preview of the first casino which will serve as a major battle area.
Preview of the first casino which will serve as a major battle area.
The design of Arithia is nearly complete. We plan on having a world map in the in-game menu in our next demo update.

The earliest sketch of our world map. The names of the cities were not finalized at this point, so we put placeholders.
The earliest sketch of our world map. The names of the cities were not finalized at this point, so we put placeholders.
The complete version of the map is almost complete and will be finished in less than a week.
On the character development side, we've finished the last two party members that will be traveling with you on your journey.

Preview portrait of Jamie
Preview portrait of Jamie

Preview portrait of Jacob
Preview portrait of Jacob
Lastly, we will be attending the Ohio Game Developer Expo (OGDE) this November. If you plan on attending this expo, you're more than welcome to come to our booth! We'll have some Luckless Seven art to give you.

Hey everyone!

Thank you so much for all your support! With your help, we were able to successfully reach our Kickstarter goal and get Greenlit on Steam!

Everyone here at Deckpoint Studio is so grateful that you helped us reach our funding goal! We have some short details on what’s coming next:

Reward Fulfillment

We’ll be getting our reward surveys ready as soon as possible. A reminder - we will be in contact with backers who have pledged at a physical reward tier in the coming weeks! Those that pledged on a design-input tier will be contacted at some point in the next few months.

Development Progress

We’ll be posting regular updates on our dev blog. Be sure to check there if you want the fastest updates on the game. We’ll post the major news updates on Kickstarter, as well as anything regarding Kickstarter rewards.

Demo Builds

We generally try to release new alpha builds frequently. Be sure to keep an eye on our Indiedb page to know when the latest build has been released.

Thanks again for helping Luckless Seven get funded!

Thank you everyone for your amazing support for both our Kickstarter and Steam Greenlight campaigns! Through your help, we have been Greenlit on Steam after only 19 days!

Based on the feedback we've received for those playing the demo, we've released an updated version on our Indiedb page. This version has made some slight alterations to the UI and menu to make things more intuitive for new players.

Thanks again for your support!

Hello everyone!

If you haven't heard yet, we've launched out Kickstarter early last week. Thanks to everyone's support, we've managed to get staff picked and reach almost the halfway point in pledges in less than a week!

We are also running a simultaneous Steam Greenlight campaign.

As a promotional event, we are doing a card giveaway on the /r/starwars subreddit! 3 decks of Ekosi cards will be given randomly to those that simply leave a comment on the thread (account must be at least 1 week old).

Hello everyone!

Our project has finally gone live on Kickstarter! We've been pushing back our launch because we wanted to showcase a quality product, and we have finally arrived at the place where we are very comfortable launching our crowdfunding campaign.

Kickstarter Page

We're also running a simultaneous Steam Greenlight campaign

A new demo has been uploaded to our Indiedb page. This demo offers a short vertical slice of the game and the first chapter of our narrative.

Please considering checking out our campaign and spread the word!

Progress on the library, our next big indoor area, has been proceeding slowly as we have made massive revisions to many of the quests and dialogue in our previous demo release. Almost all these changes have been completed, and we're happy to announce that the library scene is complete as well!

The library will feature several people you can battle as well as one of the main side quests for the introductory area. We wanted this building to be much more visually distinct compared to the hospital, so we went with a multi-leveled building.

We went through several different potential designs before we landed on the version you see here. Our desire was to have a wide open space that allowed you to see multiple floors of the building. Many of our initial designs looked very appealing, but they were not so great for maneuverability.

We are working on finalizing all the quest lines so that we can get our next major demo release. For those of you that have enjoyed listening to our soundtrack, we have a big surprise coming up! We've been working on a special track for the last few months, and we hope that you will enjoy what we have in store.

We are planning on launching our Kickstarter on June 15th. We plan to have a new demo (which will include the library) and trailer available a few days before then.

Hey everyone!

Today, we wanted to show some of the dialogue icons that will represent each emotion category. We are actually in the midst of tweaking some of them around, so expect to see this reflected in our next demo update!

All conversational responses will fall under these broad categories. Each category has dozens of different types of responses. For example, the Charm category has responses such as "Agreeable" and "Appeal". Although there are many different types of responses, they all fall under 6 primary emotion categories.

Each time the player makes a choice in a particular emotion category (with the exception of Neutral), they gain Emotion Points for that category, As the game progresses, major choices may require a substantial amount of points in that particular emotion category in order for the response to be selected. A player that continually makes Dismissive of Control choices will not have enough points to make major Empathetic decisions towards the latter part of the game.

The Dialogue Choice Heading will describe the type of response that Mark will give. The bars at the bottom right of each response text box signify the amount of Emotion Points needed to select the response.

You can see the dialogue system at work in our latest demo.

It's still a few weeks away, but just a heads up if you haven't been to our Luckless Seven website; we are planning on launching our Kickstarter on June 15th. In the couple weeks leading up to the launch, expect to see much more reveals on future content.

Until next time!

Last week, we delved a bit into the different categories of dialog choices. In conversation, there are five broad categories of response. The five categories are:
  1. Empathy
  2. Intimidate
  3. Dismissive
  4. Control
  5. Charm
Within each category, there are dozens of different response types that fall under the major category's general umbrella. For example, the Intimidate category will include threatening, angry, and criticizing responses.

As the player makes more of a certain type of response, they earn points in that category which will allow them to make more significant choices.

The dashes below the words represent the point requirements for making that particular choice. One dash represents 5 points, so if there are 2 dashes below "Joke," the player will need 10 Charm points in order to make that joke. Players will be able to identify what which of the five categories a response falls under via the picture that appears in the large central hexagon.

These screenshots are early in the game, so the requirements for making the choice are very low. If the player does not have enough points to make a choice, it will be grayed out and unselectable.

Next week, we will cover the final part of the dialogue system.

Until next time!

This week, we wanted to reveal some of the redesigns of our menu system.

Main Menu
Our new menu layout is more similar to a smartphone now. Broad menu categories are represented by app icons. Within each menu, there are sub-menus that are presented in tab format at the top of the phone.

Inventory Menu
There were some errors in our previous inventory system that delayed its release. Most of the kinks have been ironed out. The current demo only has cards and quest items to fill your inventory, but future builds will include gadgets which you can use to customize gameplay. More on this in the coming weeks.

Dialog Stats
Stats for your card usage and dialog choices are compiled in the profile section. Every card you play and every conversation choice you make will be viewable in one of the tabs in this menu. If the player makes a non-neutral dialog choice, they will earn points within that response category.

Stat Star
In conversation, there are five broad categories of response. The five categories are:

  1. Empathy
  2. Intimidate
  3. Dismissive
  4. Control
  5. Charm

Within each category, there are dozens of different response types that fall under the major category's general umbrella. For example, the Intimidate category will include threatening, angry, and criticizing responses.

As the player makes more of a certain type of response, they earn points in that category which will allow them to make more significant choices. Our next blog post will cover conversation choices in more depth.

We hope to have a new demo out by next Friday. You'll be able to see the new menus in this version.

It's happened again. Since our last demo release, we've done another graphics overhaul to the game. There's always an exhilaration when finishing a scene, even if it doesn't end up exactly like how you envisioned. Rarely does a scene end up looking even better than you imagined. With the recent changes we've made to the environments, we encountered several instances where we were actually surprised at how much better the scenes looked.

This was definitely a pleasant reward for us, as many of the environments required significant adjustments. After 1.5 years of watching scenes you've spent ungodly amounts of time on require reworks (or worse, complete removal), you eventually learn to power through that initially despondent feeling.

New and improved.

Luckless Seven's new lighting features made many of our existing environments look funny. We've spent some time over the last few weeks reworking the hospital and the title screen sequence. We will these changes implemented in our next demo build.

Krista's home - exterior

Along with visual improvements, we've reworked the character movement system. In response to feedback, we've implemented two methods of movement. Holding down left-click will allow the player to move in whatever direction they move the mouse. Right-clicking will cause the player to move the the clicked spot, similar to an RTS.

Krista's home - interior

Construction of the first city is back on pace. We are working on one of the last indoor environments (a library) that will be included in our Kickstarter demo. There were several neat designs we wanted to try with the floor layout that didn't end up looking right when we actually starting building. Fortunately, we still ended up with a design we really like!

Mark's Apartment

We wanted to include the library in our next demo release, but a few other parts of the game required our attention. If everything goes well, we'll have screenshots of the place in the next update.

If you haven't already, check out our new Luckless Seven website! You can sign up for email updates on major announces and new demo builds.

Hello everyone!

This week, we officially launched our first alpha version containing overworld gameplay!

It’s been very rewarding to see the ideas we've been planning for 6-9 months finally out to the public. We wanted our next demo release to feature the overworld, and we wanted to make sure enough systems were available to give an accurate depiction of what we wanted the full game to be. The scope of the demo continually increased as we realized how much each system depended on each other. 

We've made a lot of nit-picky changes to the hospital over the last few months. It has been very relieving to finally release it to the public.

It’s definitely been a long time since our last demo update, and our latest demo implements many of the core gameplay systems that we have been working on for the better part of a year. Eventually, we reached what we felt was a good chunk of the game that was easy to slice up for a demo.

Hello new dialogue system.

In the few days that the demo is out, we've gotten plenty of great feedback from the community. Since then, several changes have already been made. A new version of the demo should be available some time this Monday.

The background of the phone menu has gone through a drastic redesign.

We hope to never experience such a time gap between demo releases, and we probably won’t. The overworld, dialogue system, phone menu system, and quest system were all components that took months of planning and designing. We were very hesitant to release any one of these features until we felt they were presentable.

Our new dialogue system can allow up to 7 people to converse in the same scene.

For most of this weekend, we've been working on the many suggestions given to us on improving the game. Some of the changes will take several weeks to implement, but we hope to have most of the smaller changes implemented by this Monday. As always, we welcome any feedback you can provide!

Our current demo is available for download on Indiedb. Expect to see an updated version by the end of Monday.

Until next time!

Hello everyone!

All of us at Deckpoint are hoping that your new year is starting off well.

Since our last update, we've made massive strides towards fully integrating our gameplay systems together. The inventory system now works correctly with the battle system and merchant vendors. We've made numerous dialogue scenes and refinements to our dialogue UI. Within a couple weeks, we should have a fully functioning demo with several quests that will showcase all these systems working together.

We've been holding back the release for a long time now, but we're very happy with the current state of the demo.

The ambition of our first demo introducing the overworld has steadily increased over the last few months. Originally, we wanted to just include a small environment in which the player could walk around, talk with people, and initiate battles. Then we wanted the player to have access to their inventory to customize their deck. Then we wanted to having longer conversations with lots of dialogue choices. Then we wanted to actually put a questline in. Well, with our next alpha release, you'll be able to do all of those!

One thing we are very sad to see leave is the old title screen. The art style no longer fits super well with our new one, so we've completely overhauled the design. We had a really nice title screen that showed off the 3D world, but we encountered some severe last minute errors. We hope to have the situation resolved soon, but there is a chance that we might not be able to use the original scene. If we can't, we'll definitely show some footage of the title screen in a future blog post (we actually have it working in an unreleased alpha build).

For now though, we say goodbye to our old title screen. R.I.P. old Mark and Krista. You will be missed.

"Mark could totally push Krista off the edge" was a comment we heard surprisingly often.

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