November 2014

A couple weeks ago, we talked about the new dialogue system we've been working on. Today's blog post was supposed to cover more the system in greater depth, but we decided to save that post for when we have it implemented in our demo (which should be fairly soon!). Instead, we are going to talk for a bit about our menu system.

The phone we wish we could get on Black Friday.

For the menu system, we decided to tie everything to the phone. We always liked games that tied in menus organically into the game. One of my favorite examples is Dead Space, where everything from your health bar to your inventory is weaved into your suit.

We were planning on using the phone extensively for the game's fictional social media elements. The player would look at the phone for messages from his friends, news updates, and codex entries. After having so many features tied into the phone, we decided to make the whole menu system viewable from the phone.

In our next post, we'll have screenshots of how the inventory and other systems look on the phone.

For the story of Luckless Seven, we wanted the character to interact with his party all at once. The very first iteration of our conversation system only allowed the player to talk to one person at a time. Today, we're extremely happy to show a sneak peak at our new dialogue system.

Ideas for the current dialogue system were conceived from as far back as March. This was back when we were still using pixel graphics. Conversations between party members were very cumbersome to design under a one-on-one dialogue constraint.

Jeff, our first character. We'll always miss him.

We wanted to keep the portraits and still have multiple response options. Having more than 3 options made the screen look cluttered, at least with the design shown in the above screenshot. With a need for both several portraits and conversation responses to be on screen simultaneously, it became very apparent that we needed to do more than simply re-size and rearrange some boxes.

Next week, we'll go through an example of the different types of conversation categories the player can specialize in.

When we changed the graphics of our overworld, we knew that we would have to change our portrait style. The manga-looking characters did not blend in well with the more realistic environment. Over the last several months, we have been solidifying a new style for the characters. Last week, we showed two of the updated main characters. This week, we're showing 2 more!

Even before we updated the portraits, we were considering changing our art style since the cartoony looking characters looked a bit out of place on some of our more recent battle boards.

We're very happy with how the portraits look with our new dialogue system. Next week, we'll be showing some screenshots of the dialogue system in action.

If you haven't checked our Indiedb page yet, we've uploaded a new demo that has many new particle effects. Take a look and let us know what you think!

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